Joe-WillsonJoe’s love of rock music began as a youngster and continues strong today through his work for Live it OutLoud. His teenage years were spent playing guitar for “The Atlantic Steamer” throughout the Puget Sound region. The group’s impressive achievement was performing as the opening act for “Iron Butterfly” during their tour of the Northwest. 
His passion for music carried him into a long career in the music industry. Besides multiple years working for Ted Brown Music Company in Tacoma, Wash., Joe lived in Los Angeles, Calif. and worked for Ampeg as the Artist Relations manager. His role enabled him to develop relationships and spend time with many top artists and bands in the rock industry such as John McVey and Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and Frank Zappa.
 Joe has a natural connection with the kids in this program and spends hours in the pursuit of bringing them the most realistic and fun, all around entertainment industry experience possible.

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