Joe Wilson | Live it OutLoud Program Director | click this photo to learn more about Joe

Joe Wilson | Live it OutLoud Program Director | click this photo to learn more about Joe

“Live It OutLoud” is an 8-week summer music program for aspiring (12 to 18 year old), non-professional musicians (haven’t signed with a major label yet!), produced by Ted Brown Music Outreach and sponsored by Ted Brown Music. Each student is evaluated and placed with other musicians, forming a band with a professional mentor to create, develop, and perform on a professional level. You’re going to “Live It OutLoud” – no more singing in the shower! The program is educational, inspirational, challenging, nerve wracking and most of all…fun! The adrenaline will flow…the power intense! Space is limited so sign up now!


Any aspiring, non-professional musician can participate. Guitarists, drummers, keyboardists,
bassists, vocalists, and other instrumentalists are welcome. The only prerequisites are basic instrument proficiency and the passion to work hard and learn for eight very cool weeks. “Live It OutLoud” is designed for those considering a career in the music or entertainment industry, or simply have a desire to experience performing in a live band guided by professionals who have “Lived It OutLoud”. “Live It OutLoud” provides students the technical and artistic skills necessary to develop careers in the broader entertainment industry. More Info…


Bands will be challenged to create and perform one original song and two covers for the final concert. Band mentors will provide songwriting guidance, and a program-wide Songwriting Seminar will be presented to assist in structure, lyric composition and arrangement.


Each band will be scheduled for a weekly rehearsal beginning June 16 at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma or Silverdale, and Rehearsal Works in Sumner, supervised by professional music mentors. In-store rehearsals will take place in dedicated rehearsal space outfitted with professional gear (sound system, amps, keyboards, drums). Additional out-of-store rehearsals will be discussed, all in an effort to prepare for the Final Concert!


During the eight weeks, a series of important group seminars are presented. Past years we have seen and listened to Michael Herrera, founding member and bassist with MxPx, and Ryan Castle (KISW) with Lisa Mastriani from Warner Brothers.  Roger Fisher, hall of fame member of Heart, Santana rhythm section, Todd Sucherman of Styx, David Ellefson of Megadeth, Grammy winner Neil Citron and others. Pamela Moore from Queensryche worked with all vocalists and will again this year. There will be an in-depth seminar about the business of music/bands, contracts, headaches, labels and everything else with the music attorney Robert Krinsky. The seminars provide an intimate opportunity for students, to interact with high level professionals and apply the networking skills we teach from day one. Scheduled seminars typically include: Stage Performance, Songwriting, The Studio Experience, The Business of Music, promoting your band, shooting videos, keyboard, guitar, vocal and drum master classes. All students are encouraged to attend all the seminars.


All bands will perform on 3 weekend afternoons, Jazzbones July 10th, Performance Seminar July 30th at Rehearsal Works in Sumner, and Louie G’s on August 6th.  Attendance at club performances is mandatory.


The highlight of the “Live It OutLoud” experience is the Final Concert, held this year on Saturday, August 13 at the Rialto  Theater in Tacoma. Bands will perform three songs, live, on stage and OutLoud, before an audience of family, friends, peers, and music lovers. Expect professional concert-quality production including lighting, sound, video, photographers and even roadies! This gives everyone a chance to “Live Their Dream” of playing live in a professional concert atmosphere. Ticket information TBA.


In the weeks following the concert, selected bands will have an opportunity to record their original song at Pacific Studios in Tacoma for our annual “Live It OutLoud” CD/DVD.